Music Theory Research

Huh!: Gendered Resistance through Semiotic Disidentification in Kate Soper’s “Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say”


AMS/SEM/SMT Joint Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA (Nov. 10–13, 2022)

Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic, Virtual Conference (July 29–30, 2022)


Music Theory Southeast, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL (March 18–19, 2022)

Groove Fluidity: Asynchronous Onsets as Structural Simultaneities in Jacob Collier’s Arrangement of ‘Flintstones’


Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, Rhythm, virtual (March 12–13, 2022)

Fluid Notes: Analogical Approaches to Pitch Ontology in the Music of Jacob Collier


Midwest Graduate Music Consortium, virtual (April 9–10, 2022)

Manuscripts in Preparation

“Harmonic Tensions in ‘limited approximations’ by Georg Friedrich Haas”

“Referential Discourses in Luciano Berio’s Rendering: Topic, Text, and Commentary”

“Semiotic Shifts as Narrative Transvaluation in katachi by Eric Wubbels”